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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


"hair's" the deal...
(you know, I'm so funny sometimes...)

About 2 weeks ago (read 2 weeks before school gets out) my daughter decides that she would love nothing more than to wear flowers in her hair everyday. Because, as you should well know; "Flowers make me the most beautiful."

Well, remember how everyone jumped on the hair accessory band wagon... except me. (because I was lazy and slow)
So remember how everyone else has been sporting adorable bows and ribbons for like FOREVER... except me (by me I mean my daughter)
So remember how when my daughter asked for flowers in her hair I had nothing, and all her little hopes and dreams were crushed.

yeah... I remember that.

And so, rightfully feeling like the worst mother of a little girl monkey EVER I promised her that I would spend the day making her a bazillion flowers for her hair. (Even if it was 2 weeks until summer - which makes it now essentially 2 minutes before summer. But a promise is a promise and at least she'll be prepared to be the "most beautiful" 1st grader in 3 months.)

I've already hunted down my favorite hair accessory tutorials and pictures and have been saving them in their own special file on
delicious. (If you haven't heard of delicious CALL ME!! Best. thing. ever.)

As I gathered them up and was lining out my stuff I thought "hmm... self. I wonder if somebody else wants to come talk with me while I make these, therefore motivating me to actually do it." (because sometimes I'm actually productive when I have people come do stuff with me. only sometimes though.)

So.... I thought I'd throw it out there.

Here are the pictures of what I will be making. If you want to join me, let me know via the regular routine (facebook, email, comment, phone... you get the jist.)
If I get enough interest we will make it a full blown monkey mama extravaganza: complete with instructions, supply lists, food, and that one crazy lady who always seems to show up and make everybody glad they aren't as awkward as she is ... (I'm talking about me. naturally) Otherwise I'll be making them at my house with a few friends hopefully. (Or I'll be making them by myself... feeling like a completely productive looser.)

p.s. pictures with the words *TUTORIAL* are the ones I have actual tutorials for. (from websites...and such)
The rest are for inspiration and winging it.

Does anyone remember this blog?


  1. you know i want to spend time with you AND i have a little girl who happens to HATE hair bows and flowers, BUT I love them and force her to at least start everyday with one. please choose me. me. me..choose me.. we have a wedding and famil pictures coming up. i need some bows.

  2. Brit, I want to make some. But I don't know if I can come up to make them. Please show me the way. Please please please!

  3. I think it would be a kick in the pants. My girls love them but for some reason I couldn't see the pix. Let me know what you decide.