this month's zoo: this day. this time. this place

it's going to be fun. invite friends and as always, bring your monkeys. (by the way, if you're wondering why this doesn't make sense, it's because I haven't filled it in yet.)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

We Did it Again.

Yesterday's zoo was amazing! So many cute projects, so many cute women, so many cute monkeys. I, for one, had such a good time I couldn't manage to leave. My poor husband was locked outside our house in the cold waiting for my return. (whoops)

A big thanks goes to Emily and Jami for hosting yesterday's festivities. You are such wonderful, creative, beautiful women and we are very lucky to be in your circle of friends.
Congrats goes to Jami by the way.

So did you see all that amazing talent and creativity? Holy Crap! (excuse my language) But man, you women are amazing! Seriously, so much talent in one room should be illegal.

Also, Gwen with her "I won't host another zoo for a long time" goes out of her way to bring supplies for all of our monkeys to make sock puppets. Seriously, her creativity and compassion/charity knows no bounds. Wow. Thank you Gwen, you rock. My kids were so excited about their sock puppets they kept them on for hours yesterday.

So to wrap this up (since I tend to ramble): Wonderful zoo yesterday. It was so great to get together with everyone, flex our creative juices, and just talk every one's ears off.

Oh, a couple more things before I forget. If you know a wonderful women by the name of Amy, give her a big hug and tell her thank you for all she does. I kind of forced her to be our official camera women and what with her being the incredible women she is, she has done an amazing job and has been so giving and wonderful with her time. Thank you Amy. Photos for this months zoo and last months are on our facebook group.

And, since I seem to be in a forcing/coercing kind of mood lately... I may have "suggested" that a couple women be in charge next month... (I promise I'm not bossy. Or maybe I am. Oh no, sorry.)

So here goes: Next month Amy, Kayla, and Angela will be hosting an apron zoo. I for one couldn't be more excited. Keep posted for those details.

(For the record, Amy did sign my sign up sheet and Kayla did send me an e-mail saying she would be willing, and Angela, well she was just too talented not to rope into the idea. Angela, how come I haven't known you before? I really like you. Your creativity is nothing short of inspiring.)

Also, and this is the last one I promise, we have some very talented women waiting in the wings to teach us some baking classes. (Hence one more reason to be uber excited about your aprons) There are just a few details to iron out, but I am so excited for their wonderful talents. And who knows, we might even be blessed with 2 zoos in the month of April...


  1. umm, geez, I'm blushing! For the record (and at the risk of showing my true self) I only brought stuff for the sock puppets because my kids had been begging to make them all week and I figured it would be better to have the mess there than at my house...and I couldn't really let my kids make something without involving the other little yeah, that's my confession. I'm really not that nice.

  2. And, for the record, I'm kinda a camera freak anyway. It keeps me out of trouble! Or, sometimes it just keeps me out of things like volleyball... "sorry, I'm just the photographer!"

  3. Thanks Brittany! :) You are too nice. I had a great time!

  4. Ok, I really missed out, but I don't know how to look on the facebook link. I want to see pictures?!? I'm so glad it turned out great, I can't wait to come for the aprons next month.