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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Baby Chef

Amy, I love you.

Not only was she the first (and possibly the only one) to sign up on my sign up list (why don't you like sign up lists people?!), but she fueled the fire for this month's zoo (Wednesday, April 29th 9-12 am) And I couldn't be more excited! Can you tell?

Amy's apron is so brilliant I can't stand it. Finally I will have an apron for my messiest monkey (we affectionately call him pirate boy) and, on top of that, it will be so sturdy and easy, that if by chance he manages to make it spontaneously combust, I will only cry my eyes out for a little while before I just whip him up a new one. (Which, I'm not sure if this apron could spontaneously combust... it's monkey tough!)


Did I mention how cute it was yet? Or how brilliant? Or how simple? (At least Amy says it's easy EASY)

Are you sufficiently excited yet? Totally pumped?

Then, let's get the supplies to make ourselves some Baby Chef's:

(Look at that cute little boy.)

  • A kitchen towel or hand towel

  • A matching hot pad, the square kind not the mitt

  • 2 yards of coordinating ribbon, probably 1 inch will do.

That's it. Seriously. That's all you need.

Of course, there is thread and a sewing machine and then accessories if you like. But how much simpler could your supply list get?

Congrats to your monkeys, they will be getting a rockin' awesome apron!

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