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Thursday, April 9, 2009

You Can Make This

Awhile back I stumbled upon this amazing website You Can Make This. It's chalk full of patterns to make all the kinds of things your heart could desire. It even gives away free patterns.
Those are my favorite.

There is a free headband pattern

a skull cap, a holiday door hanger, a receiving blanket, and even how to make cute little crochet flowers

and guess what!!!
They've got a free pattern for a chef's hat!
Isn't that just our luck? Perfect timing for April's zoo. So check out the pattern and then buy yourself extra fabric to make a coordinating chef hat for you and your little monkey.
woot. woot.
(Disclaimer: This project will not be taught at April's zoo. Though I am sure there would be several women who could help you figure it out if you needed the assistance.)

All images and links are from A very awesome website which I suggest you check out.

There are even many more possibilities for free that we haven't even tapped into yet.

Go look. I dare you.

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