this month's zoo: this day. this time. this place

it's going to be fun. invite friends and as always, bring your monkeys. (by the way, if you're wondering why this doesn't make sense, it's because I haven't filled it in yet.)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's time to monkey...

Alrighty folks, let's stop all the monkeying around
(he he he, couldn't help myself)

It's time to get things up and moving again. School is back in session and so are we. So, send your ideas for fun-ness my way and let's get a zoo up and going for the month of September. Be warned, if you don't volunteer I will come up with something all by my alone-ness and you will be forced to do it, and enjoy it.
Also, even if you don't want to host a zoo, send your dire most, inner desires of your heart, and maybe somebody else will volunteer.
Also, I've updated the side panel with some ideas. Click away if you think it would tickle your fancy. Got to go, school is calling... (bleck!)

e-mail. facebook. or call your ideas/wants to me and I will get them to the public.
also, if you know my real e-mail, send it there. I'm awful at checking the g-mail account.

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