this month's zoo: this day. this time. this place

it's going to be fun. invite friends and as always, bring your monkeys. (by the way, if you're wondering why this doesn't make sense, it's because I haven't filled it in yet.)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April is for APRONS! (part 2)

Remember that I am still super excited?!
Our zoo is one week from today.(Wednesday, April 29th 9-12am) Check out your supply lists if you haven't already, here, here, and here. Amy has also sent me an adorably compromising picture of her young son in a baby chef, so go look at that picture.

Now, a couple new things that have popped up.
  1. Angela is offering for y'all to contact her to get the pattern ahead of time in case you want to have your flirty skirty apron cut out ahead of time.
  2. Gwen and I are asking y'all (yes, I want to be Jesalee when I grow up) to bring your favorite recipe to share with everyone at this months zoo. I will provide the 3x5 cards, so you only need worry about bringing a master copy for everyone to look at. Won't that be yummy?

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